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Authentic Medical - SPo2 Sensors

Authentic Medical pulse oximeter sensors provide proven reliability and accuracy in the widest range of patients and clinical settings. Our SpO2 sensors are designed to ensure accurate readings of appropriate oxygenation levels throughout the cardiorespiratory cycle …even in signal interference, low perfusion, and patient movement situa...

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Authentic Medical - ECG & EKG Cables

Use the SureLead disposable ECG lead wire solution from Authentic Medical and make a difference. Clinicians widely agree that reusable lead wires are difficult to thoroughly clean and represent a potential source of cross contamination. No need to disturb the patient switching out leads as they move through the facility. One lead set stays wi...

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Authentic Medical - Temperature Monitoring

The close monitoring, manipulation, and regulation of body temperature forms an important part of the care of the critically ill patient. Authentic Medical’s single patient use temperature monitoring products are designed to be accurate, reliable and can help diminish bacterial cross-contamination throughout the hospital....

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Authentic Medical - Blood Pressure Monitoring

Monitoring vital signs like blood pressure in patients is a vital aspect of patient care in the hospital. Authentic Medical’s disposable blood pressure cuffs are designed to be comfortable, accurate and can help diminish bacterial cross-contamination throughout the hospital. Product Info Single-patient-use, designed to be comfortable an...

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